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Web Site Discussion22  April 08 – 09:35 pm
 Suggestions, ideas, questions, comments, request etc for the website.
Uniforms10  April 08 – 01:30 am
 Discuss Soviet uniform regulations as well as uniform collecting in general.
Medals, Awards and Decorations0  March 27 – 03:39 am
 Find out more about Soviet medals and award regulations.
Military Equipment2  April 05 – 03:03 am
 Guns, tanks, armoured vechicles, aircraft etc.
Military History17  April 17 – 04:44 pm
 Discuss major military battles and the history of the Soviet Army.
State Security0  March 27 – 03:41 am
 This includes organisations such as the NKVD, KGB, MVD etc.
General Discussion3  March 31 – 11:58 pm
 All matters not dealt with in other topics.