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  • Federation of American Scientists

    Comprehensive listings of resources and analysis onSoviet nuclear forces. Includes information on systems,

    facilities and organisation.

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  • Jane’s Information Group

    Provides information and analysis on the subjects of

    defence, geopolitics, transport and police.

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  • Military Parade

    The latest news from the Russian defence industry.

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  • NSA Venona Archive

    Venona was the codename used forthe U.S. Signals Intelligence effort tocollect and decrypt the text of SovietKGB and GRU messages from the 1940’s. NSA has declassified over

    3000 messages related to Venona.

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  • Russia – The Literature of Intelligence

    Essays, documents and analysis ofSoviet and Russian intelligence organisationsincluding information on the FSB.

    Well organised and quite comprehensive.

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  • Russian Battlefield

    This site gives a comprehensive overviewof Russian and Soviet military history.Includes information on weapon development

    and battles.

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  • The Journal of Slavic Military Studies

    The Journal of Slavic Military Studiesinvestigates all aspects of militaryaffairs in the Slavic nations of centraland eastern Europe in historical andgeopolitical context and offers avehicle for central and eastern Europeansecurity and military analysts to air their


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  • The Natural Resources Defence Council

    Provides useful information in regards tonatural resources. In particular, carriesarchives in regards to nuclear weapon

    stockpiles from around 1960 onwards.

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