Under the Red Star – Army Caps

Newly Described Caps – 26 October 2002

To help repeat viewers of my cap museum – I have started a list of new caps that I’ve described since my last update. Click on the title of the caps you wish to view and (hopefully) the magical internet will take you to the categories on my site where those caps reside. You will still have to scroll down to find them – but that’s not too much to ask in the pursuit of wisdom, is it?

I have also added a picture of a replica Soviet Unit Award banner I have for sale. This replica is truly beautiful (silk embroidered throughout with bullion edging on heavy cotton backing) and very faithful to the originals. This one represents a banner awarded in 1972 to a tank regiment. Each of these I sell will be for a different unit. Cost will be $275 – not cheap, I know, but these are made better than the originals (which are quite unobtainable)! If you want more info or pics, let me know.

Marshal of the Soviet Union 1970-1980

Tank/Artillery Officer 1955-1958

Prosecutor Service Official 1964-1991

Forester/Master Forester 1980-1991

Fireman 1960’s?

Replica Soviet Army Award Banner “For Courage and Military Valor”