Under the Red Star – Army Caps

HELP! What is this?

Now that I have dazzled you with my uniform hat expertise, it is time to abase myself and admit there are things (probably many things!) I still don’t know in this field of study. Although most military visor caps can be readily identified using published references, the array of non-military uniform hats is both remarkable and very poorly documented. But just because I can’t identify them, doesn’t keep me from acquiring them. The thrill of the chase and all that!

I have attached pictures of a couple hats that have me stumped (I will add/subtract to these periodically). If you can authoritatively identify them, please let me know and I will honor you with a “Hero of Soviet Arcania” inscription on this site; which can be parlayed into a snappy pickup line (“Yes, my dear, I am a nationally honored academician of ancient lore”) and pump up a resume to boot!

Soviet Advisor?
A very interesting cap – clearly not Soviet military or paramilitary, but well marked as made in Moscow at one of the most famous military clothing factories. The color and the cap emblem appear to indicate Middle East affiliation – but I cannot find out which. The exterior of the cap is made from a light khaki material without piping. The visor and buttons are covered with the same material as the crown and band, as is the separate detachable strap. The emblem on the band/crown is in gold wire embroidery with a silver wire “rose” center. Only by looking at the inside can you see the cap’s Soviet origins. The normal Soviet leatherette makers label shows Moscow manufacture and size 59. The sweatband and lining are also standard Soviet cap manufacture. Inked markings “2805/63_” probabably indicate year 1963, but the 2805 could be almost anything. An alternative origin (rather than being for a Soviet advisor) – could be as a consignment item made by this Moscow factory for a foreign student attending military training in the city. Either way – if anyone can recognize the cap insignia, I would greatly appreciate the information!

Automobile Transport?

Medium blue cotton band and crown (same material); light blue piping

No, it’s not Aeroflot! The blue of the crown and band are lighter than that. I have seen them with both Army and Railways buttons, either or both of which could have been added to “sell”.

Another VOKhR?

Black cotton crown with medium green wool band and piping

Very similar to the green VOKhR I’ve displayed on my Other Non-Military page but with green piping on the black crown.