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12/23/20009Translation of 1988 Soviet Uniform regsShawn Caza (me)20CanadaDetails
12/17/20008Notes on The Soviet Army 1959 (RESTRICTED)The War Office – The Chief of The Imperial General StaffTrade PreferedCanadaDetails
12/17/20006Tactics of the Soviet Army – Notes For Regimental Officers (RESTRICTED)Ministry of Defence – The Chief of the General StaffTRADE/CASHCanadaDetails
12/16/20005T34 Russian ArmorDouglas Orgilcash/tradeCanadaDetails
12/16/20004Zhukov – Marshal of the Soviet UnionOtto Preston Chaney
12/15/20003The Soviet ArmyText by Albert Seaton Color Plates by Michael Roffecash/tradeCanadaDetails
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