The Soviet Army – Books – Zhukov by Otto Preston Chaney

Author:Otto Preston Chaney
Publication Date:September 1996
Number of pages:560
Publisher:University of Oklahoma

Review by Anthony Winning:

Marshal Zhukov was arguably the greatest military leader of the 20th century. He is famous for his work in the defence of Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow; all of which were critical to the entire Eastern Front. However, he is most remembered for being the Marshal that led the Soviets into Berlin.

Although much has been written about Zhukov, one has to be very careful when weighing up what one has read. One of the most famous biographies of the Marshal was “Reminiscences and Reflections” by the Marshal himself; however the censors and editors changed so much in the book to suit their own view on history, that critical points in the book were not factually correct. This book by Otto Preston Chaney, aims to give a balanced and factual account of Zhukov’s life and work.

Chaney’s work covers all of the Marshal’s life, from his childhood in a poor farming community, to him joining the Red Cavarly, and his work during the war. The emphasis of the book is on Zhukov’s war career, which is covered diligently, as well as the politics of his post-war life.

A well written, well researched book on an extraordinary man.