The Soviet Army – Books – The Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Rifle Manual by Major James Gebhardt

Title:The Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Rifle Manual
Author:Major James Gerbhardt (U.S. Army, Retd.)
Publication Date:July 2000
Number of pages:112
Publisher:Paladin Press

Review by Anthony Winning:

This manual, available in English for the first time, covers:

  • disassembly and assembly
  • cleaning and lubricating
  • firing for zero at the specified zeroing range

Described in detail are all the steps, procedures and criteria that will ensure proper and safe function of the rifle or carbine. Also included are several data tables describing the ballistic performance of the 148-grain type-1908 projectile and the weight and length of the basic rifle and carbines in various configurations. For those interested in the sniper version of this rifle, an appendix describes both the PE and PU scopes. This is the ultimate source for Mosin-Nagant owners.