The Soviet Army – Books – The Official Soviet Army Hand Grenade Manual by Major James Gebhardt

Title:The Official Soviet Army Hand Grenade Manual
Author:Major James Gerbhardt (U.S. Army, Retd.)
Publication Date:March 1998
Number of pages:112
Publisher:Paladin Press

Review by Anthony Winning:

This is a combination of two actual Soviet army manuals on hand grenades, the first published by the People’s Commissariat in 1944 and the second by the Ministry of Defense in 1974. The 1944 manual covers the grenades and Molotov cocktails that were used by the Red Army against the Germans in World War II. The 1974 manual contains descriptions of three grenades in the inventory of the Soviet army at that time as well as a lengthy section on their tactical deployment. The resulting expanded manual contains technical descriptions of all hand grenades used by the armed forces of the USSR from the mid-1930s to the mid-1980s.