The Soviet Army – Books – The Collapse of the Soviet Military by William Odom

Title:The Collapse of the Soviet Military
Author:William E. Odom
Publication Date:November 1998
Number of pages:480
Publisher:Yale University Press

Review by Anthony Winning:

This book is a detailed, thorough and engaging study of the Soviet Military state. Odom writes in a lucid style that is able to explain complex issues in a way that makes it easy for an amateur to comprehend. William Odom, a retired Lt General and ex-head of the National Security Agency, offers insight into the Soviet war philosphy and the Marxist and Leninist basis for it. He provides a well argued explanation of how Gorbachev’s attempt at military reduction through glasnost proved a threat to the entire Communist State, and how the State and the military were inseparable. The book also offers information on the command and control structure of the military forces, Soviet war plans and NATO’s reaction to them and how the economy and society was geared towards a military state. A brilliant work, highly recommended.