The Soviet Army – Books – Legends and Reality of the AK by Val Shilin and Charlie Cutshaw

Title:Legends and Reality of the AK
Author:Val Shilin and Charlie Cutshaw
Publication Date:March 2000
Number of pages:192
Publisher:Palladin Press

Review by Anthony Winning:

This book was produced by Val Shilin who is described as ‘a close associate of … Miklhail Kalashnikov’ and US small arms expert Charlie Cutshaw. The book goes to examine all varieties of small arms that has been produced by the Kalashnikov factory (machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols etc). Information presented includes the historical development of these weapons, information on the weapons it replaced, how the new weapon was superior to previous models and in what way, as well as political considerations. The book has many good black and white photographs of the weapons with several photographs on almost every page. There is also plenty of technical data included as well. The book is quite thorough and comprehensive. Included is many obscure firearms and prototypes which you’re unlikely to see elsewhere. This is probably the best and most comprehesive book available on Kalashnikov weapons.