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  • Small Arms
    Information on assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, sniping rifles, etc…
  • Vehicles
    Tanks, amphibious scout cars, amphibious APCs and IFVs.
  • Uniforms
    Uniform illustrations with notes, as well as articles on collar tabs, service sleeve patches and more.
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    Books ordered into categories, rated and reviewed. Available for purchase.
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    Post and answer questions on the Soviet Armed forces. Organised into categories.
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    Links to other sites of interest on the web.
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    Information about this site.
  • Ammunition
    Data, diagrams and information on cartridges.
  • Ranks
    Illustrations of rank boards with notes as well a selection of articles.
  • Essays and Documents
    A selection of essays and documents in relation to the Soviet Armed forces.
  • Classified Advertisments
    Free classified advertisments organised into categories. Only items of a Soviet military nature are permitted to be advertised.
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    Soviet related web sites organised into categories.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Information on how you can support this site.
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    People who have graciously donated to this site.

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