Q – I’d like to purchase an AK-47/T-72 Tank/flamethrower etc. How much?
A – I am yet to branch into the small arms and weaponary business. I don’t sell any of this stuff (for legal and moral reasons). Instead, purchase a book.

Q – Are you a Soviet Army Officer? Have you ever served in the Soviet Military?
A – No. I am a University student living in Sydney, Australia. I am not Russian, nor have I been to Russia. And my Russian is pretty bad as well (good enough to translate information for this web site however). If you want to know more about me please visit my personal webpage.

Q – Have you had any military training?
A – No, but I do read a lot.

Q – Are you a Communist? Do you advocate Socialism?
A – No. This website is not meant to be a political statement in any way. I just wished to provide information on the Soviet Military. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Q – Why is there no information on the Russian military?
A – The Russian and Soviet military are different entities. The Soviet Army ceased to exist when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was then split up to form new armies for the newly created countries that emerged out of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the Soviet and Russian Armies are distinct, except to say that the Russian Army evolved from the Soviet Army. This web site does not cover the Russian Army, only the Soviet Army.

Q – Is this the official site of the Soviet Army?
A – No. Since the Soviet Army no longer exists there can be no official page for the Soviet Army. So, this site is as official as any other.

Q – I’ve got a question not covered here, nor can I find the information elsewhere on the site….
A – Join the discussion board and post your question there. There’s a wide range of people with different areas of expertise that will most probably be able to answer your question.