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Genuine Order of Alexander Nevsky.

ID# : 5 ;   Date posted : March 26, 2001 ;   Expire date : June 24, 2001 ;

Brief description: An original Order of Alexander Nevsky. These beautiful screwback orders are considered quite a high award and were issued to Red Army commanders (from Company to Divisional) during or shortly after the war. A little over 40,000 were issued although serial numbers go into the high 40,000s. This is a later example (no rivets), in excellent condition with no enamel damage (all original enamel). Some of the gold plating has worn off the wreath and crossed axes but it is in XF condition. Hallmarked and serial numbered. Someone tried to scratch the serial number off (common with higher awards to protect the original recipient’s identity) but did not do a good job as the number is easily readable. Guaranteed original.
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