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Q – How much do you charge?
A – This varies based on the number of impressions you purchase:

  • $10 buys 1,000 impressions for purchases of 5,000 impressions or less
  • $10 buys 2,000 impressions for all purchased impressions over the first 5,000
  • Minimum purchase $20 or 2,000 impressions
  • All purchases must be in $10 units
  • Customised solution for purchases of over $100!

Q – As an advertiser can I get reporting and statistics?
A – Absolutely! You can check your statistics anytime which are updated in real time. You can check:

  • How many impressions your banner has had
  • Average number of impressions per day
  • How many click throughs your banner has received
  • Click through ratio
  • List of ip addresses that clicked on and saw your banner

Q – Can I have multiple banners rotated?
A – Yes, and you can also receive detailed statistics on the effectiveness of each banner.

Q – Can I restrict the areas in which my banner appears?
A – Sure. If you sell Soviet uniforms you may wish to have your ads only displayed in the ‘Rank and Uniforms’ section. This can be done. Or if you wish you can have one banner displayed in one area, and a different banner displayed in another.

Q – What are the restrictions on my banner?
A – It must have a width of 468 pixels and be 60 pixels high (468×60). It can be either a jpg or a gif and should be no bigger than 15kb.

Q – What happens if I’ve got a question not answered here?
A – Send an email message to and we’ll be more than happy to answer any question you might have.

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